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There are 3 lights on the distiller panel.  The one light comes on when plugged in.  The second light comes on when the timer is activated and the fan motor will start turning.  The third light (red alarm or "out of work" light) should NOT come on at all. When this light comes on, it indicates that the machine is not getting enough cool air to continue the distillation process and the heating element will automatically shut off.  To correct this situation:
1.  Clean out the condenser.  
           The condenser needs to be cleaned periodically.  If you notice slow distillation, fumes coming out of the lid, or the clean recycled solvent to have a color tint to it, the condenser needs to be cleaned.   Start by pouring a quart of clean thinner down the inside boiler tube.  Let it sit for a few hours or overnight.  Then take your shop air hose and cup your hand over the same tube and blow out the thinner.  This will remove all built-up crud from the unit.  Also take you air hose and blow up from the bottom and then again down from the top to remove any caked on particles.  Use the air hose to blow off all dust and dirt on the outside of the condenser and the fan motor. 
2.  Fumes coming out of the top lid.
        DO NOT CLAMP DOWN THE LID.   Replace the gasket and clean out the condenser.  If the solvent can not get through the condenser because of clogs, it will release out the top lid. 
3.  Oil Change
      The oil is a heat-transfer oil.  It needs to be changed about once a year.  Consult your manual for directions on how to do an oil change and how much oil is needed for your model. 
If your solvent recycler  gets warm but never hot enough to distill, check the above maintenance procedures.  If your solvent recyler never gets warm at all after running for a while, you might need to change the heating element.

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